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Please Help If You Can!!

** Cleaner **

We need a cleaner!

This job takes about four hours per week, on two or more days. The duties can be shared between two people.

Thank you for considering us.

Please contact John Arnold at

john@shc.org.nz or

027 779 7762 if you can help.


Vision Meeting 2014

Recently many staff attended a Visioning Meeting at the van Rij home. We enjoyed their hospitality and the chance to meet other workers. Following this was a good discussion with frank exchanges of views and ideas for moving ahead with the vision for Servants Health Centre.

Thank you everyone who attended and thank you God for blessing this meeting.  

Doctors and Nurses -- we need even a little help from you

Servants Health Centre has been open since January 2010
Our hours are 9am to 5pm.

We are a group of Christian health professionals who see a need in Dunedin for a clinic serving people who struggle to afford usual health care.


This need is seen in many ways. Chemists report many people asking them for free advice. Hospital emergency departments often see people who need GP care only. We know of low income workers who will take their children to the doctor, but not go themselves. Some people go to one doctor, but then change to a new one when their debt becomes too high.

We don't want a lack of money to stop people getting basic health care.

We believe that by serving people, we are serving God, and showing his love to those people.

We also believe that, by providing a General Practice Clinic, other people will use that space to offer their services to people. We already have counsellors, pregnancy support, and postnatal support workers interested.

We hope you will support us.