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Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • General Practitioners (flexible schedule,  for example 4-6 hours weekly/fortnightly)
  • Registered Nurses (4-6 hours/week)
General practice nurse responsibilities. Volunteers will work with another nurse. Training provided.
  • Counsellors (2-4 hours/week)
  • AlongSider Advocate (2-4 hours/week)
AlongSider Advocates help patients connect with other social services in Dunedin. Training provided.
  • Reception (3-4 hours/week)
Receptionists welcome people to the clinic, answer the phone, schedule appointments, answer general queries. Volunteer receptionists are supported with another team member. Training provided.
  • Tea & Toast Server (2-3 hours/week)
Tea & Toast servers offer hot drinks or something to eat to hungry people in the waiting area. An opportunity to provide a smile, encouragement and engage in friendly conversations.
  • Cleaning (2-3 hours/week)

Volunteer Testimony

“I came to Servants because of a desire to contribute. I recognised the need of those who are lost and not accepted in our society. I love to see that every patient gets a welcoming face and that they are known and have a sense of belonging because in life they are not always welcomed.


“I get a total sense of fulfilment volunteering here at Servants Health Centre. To me, we’re after empowering each person who comes through the door, reassuring them in who they are. In life we all need to have a sense of value. I believe every person can contribute some value to the world.

“It’s satisfying to see positive changes in patients. I see patients feeling safe and it’s beautiful. Everyone is welcomed here and we don’t judge.


“I would tell any nurse who wants to volunteer at Servants that you will learn much more than what you will give. What I’ve learned here with regards to true general healthcare is phenomenal. I’m also reminded that patients are human beings and sometimes we can lose sight of that in nursing.


“So many people have been dealt a “bad hand”: sexual abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, non-acceptance. We’re all a bit broken but if we can deal a “good hand” to people, then we can help bring about positive change. “

~Rita, RN

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do I have to be a Christian if I want to Volunteer?"

No. We welcome volunteers of any faith. We are inspired by our Christian beliefs to help those in need. We serve with love and compassion as exemplified by Jesus.

"Are there any requirements to volunteer?"

Yes. We respect our patients' right to privacy and ask all volunteers to complete a Patient Confidentiality Agreement, a Volunteer Agreement and have a police background check. Professionals are required to be qualified and registered in their field.

"Do I have to commit to a length of time to volunteer?"

No. We are flexible with your schedule. We value all our volunteers and will work with you to find a schedule and time frame that fits your needs.

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